Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SSS [In the Ring] #1 - Bray Wyatt

Bonus episode!

You know the guys from SSS are your reliable guide to horror on the big screen.  Can you trust them to lead you down the dark path to frights in another medium?

In this special edition of SSS Derik and Jeff take a look at the rich horror tradition of Professional Wrestling (ranging from Kevin Sullivan to the Undertaker) before embarking on a retrospective on what might be the most compelling - and frightening - character to emerge from the world of the squared circle: Bray Wyatt.

The episode is designed to be enjoyable to fans of pro wrestling as well as those fans of horror who have always thought wrestling just wasn't their thing.

Give it a listen.  Who knows... you might end up seeing something scary.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Southbound (SSS 12)

Yes, we know - you've been dying to know what the SSS guys think about upcoming films Power Rangers, Beauty & the Beast, Life, My Cousin Rachel.  Never fear, Episode 12 has what you need - along with some thoughts on conventions, Jennifer Lawrence, and a special announcement at the end.

The guys also watched 2015's Southbound, a movie with no shortage of love online.

Did they see something scary?

Download to find out!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Witch (SSS 11)

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This week Derik and Jeff head out to the wilderness in order to check out 2015's instant classic The Witch.

Along the way they meet The Girl in the Spider's Web, almost make an Alien:Covenant, and introduce a new segment to the podcast.

Turns out there's something lurking in the woods and the SSS guys crossed paths with it.  Did they see something scary?

Download to find out!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Frailty (SSS 10)

Bill Paxton was, obviously, the man.  So the fellas from the Triple S pod thought a fitting way to say goodbye one of their favorites by enjoying his still-too-underappreciated Frailty.

As you probably know, Bill's resume is diverse and spectacular.  Discussing Bill's film led to discussing Bill's career and that led to subjects as diverse as Logan and The Shack.

The crucial question remains: did they see something scary?  Download and find out.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Get Out (SSS 09)

Man, Get Out sure sucked, huh?

Yeah right.  Just kidding.

The SSS guys are so excited about Jordan Peele's latest offering that they flipped the regular format of the show.

You'll find out really quickly that they (along with the rest of the known world) loved this movie.
But did they see something scary?

Tune in and find out (along with some follow-up from the Halloween episode and commentary on the film trailers preceding Get Out).