Tuesday, December 12, 2017

SSS 43 - Santa's Slay (with Guest Host Big Al Haston!)

With Jeff Wright out on assignment, Derik Zoo asked friend of the show Big Al to fill in. Al, being the Christmas lover he is, suggested 2005's "Santa's Slay" and...well, you'll just have to listen for yourself to see if it put Derik in the Christmas Spirit. 

In addition to the review of the movie, Derik and Al talk about the new Batman gossip, and the impending sale of Fox to Disney! 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mike Flanagan's Absentia (SSS 42)

The Saw Something Scary crew are slowly but surely working their way through Mike Flanagan's impressive filmography.

This week his 2011 debut is up for analysis.  With Flanagan, even early Flanagan, you know you're gonna see something good.  But will you see something scary?  Hit download, press play, and find out!


Jeff Hates Trailers - (1:50)

The Horror Reporter - (9:46)

Pull the Curtain: Absentia - (16:33)

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