Friday, September 21, 2018

The Predator [+ Special Guest & October Scare-A-Thon] (SSS 77)

Saw Something Scary takes a look this week at Shane Black's reboot of the Predator franchise.  On the way there Derik and Jeff picked up a fellow traveler, friend of the podcast Jody Webster, who has put the final touches on his Scare-A-Thon for Halloween 2018.

This ad-hoc group of Loonies handles this week's Horror Reporter and the review of The Predator.  They saw Predator space-dogs.  They saw bodies go splat.  But did they see something scary?

Hit the download button, press play, and find out!

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Nun (SSS 76)

The latest from the Universe of The Conjuring is finally here!  It has lecherous Frenchmen, creepy medieval castles, and nuns galore!

You want to know, though, if it is scary?

Hit that download button and press play and let Saw Something Scary give you that tried-and-true guide to the scary and the not-so-scary that you've come to know and love!