Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Prodigy + Horror Noire + A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) - On the Road to Jordan Peele's Us (SSS 93)

It's a 3-for-1 special on this Ep. 93 of Saw Something Scary!

I. Jeff Hates Trailers - 03:11



Child's Play (2019)

Aladdin (2019) - Well, Will Smith's Genie anyway. 

II. The Horror Reporter Bonus Review Time! - 22:05

Horror Noire - 23:52

The Prodigy - 33:58

III. Pull the Curtain: A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) - 42:43

NB: Yeah, we referred to this as J-Horror rather than K-Horror.  D'oh!

IV. Connection to Jordan Peele's Us Theories - 01:06:52


Friday, February 8, 2019

It Follows (2014) - On the Road to Jordan Peele's Us

Saw Something Scary  is still On the Road to Jordan Peele's Us.

This week we're joined by special guests galore - Jody Webster and Christie Wright - as we get into everything that goes bump on your screen.

Here's what's on tap:

I. Jeff Hates Trailers - 03:39

- Lords of Chaos

- Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

- Pet Sematary's Second Trailer Drops a Major Spoiler

II. The Horror Reporter - 21:45

- Halloween (2018) is getting a sequel; good idea or bad idea?

- Jason Blum wants a shared universe for Blumhouse films (?!?)

III. Pull the Curtain: It Follows - 37:59

- Hang around after the review for a theory on how It Follows will relate to Jordan Peele's Us