Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Pet Sematary (2019) - (SSS 99.1 Mid-Week Fix)

Ya boys from Saw Something Scary missed y'all last week so we wanted to reach out with a hearty review of 2019's Pet Sematary.

So you know what to do - hit that download button, press play, and let's get you what you need to get through that mid-week slump!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Twilight Zone + Pet Sematary (1989) (SSS 99)

Sometimes dead is better?

Oh yeah Jud?  Then why did you bring the cat back, huh?!?

That's right y'all - we're getting over our post-Us malaise by taking a look at the 1989 film adaptation of Pet Sematary before we get the new version over the weekend.

Here's what else you'll get in this one:

I. Jeff Hates Trailers - 07:23

The Dead Don't Die

Annabelle Comes Home

The Joker

II. The Horror Reporter - 23:47

Cillian Murphy joins the cast of A Quiet Place sequel

Mark Hamil set to voice Chucky in Child's Play

The Twilight Zone (from our beloved Jordan Peele) dropped its first two episodes. Let's do a mini-review!

III. Pull the Curtain: Pet Sematary (1989) - 46:22