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Friday the 13th [1980] (SSS 36)

Friday the 13th [1980] (SSS 36)

October 13, 2017

chi chi chi... ah ah ah...

Few sounds are more iconic in all of cinema, let alone horror than the Friday the 13th sound effect.  And a major reason for that is few franchises can compare to Friday the 13th in terms of impact, longevity, and fan adoration.

So this Friday the 13th the guys from Saw Something Scary are heading out to Camp Blood Crystal Lake and meeting up with the summer staff to find out what Summer Camp is all about.

Hit that download button, press play, and join us for a walk back through the world of Jason, Pamela, and all those up-to-no-good camp counselors


The Strangers (SSS 35)

The Strangers (SSS 35)

October 10, 2017
"You were home."

In that brief snippet of dialogue director Bryan Bertino delivered what may be the perfect dramatic encapsulation of random violence as it shows itself in the real world.

This week Derik and Jeff are watching the classic home-invasion flick, The Strangers - a film near and dear to all horror fans but particularly so one of the hosts of the Triple S show.

Press download then play and listen in on a discussion of an incredible film and the way it relates to the violence we see (and far too often experience) as a part of everyday life.

Here's where you can find the individual segments of the show:

00:01:03 - Jeff Hates Trailers
00:07:34 - The Horror Reporter
00:14:36 - Pull the Curtain: The Strangers


Gerald’s Game (SSS 34)

Gerald’s Game (SSS 34)

October 3, 2017

You're probably aware Mike Flanagan released (via Netflix) his latest creation, a long-desired passion project adapting Stephen King's Gerald's Game, on Friday.

And the guys from the Triple S found it, well, thought provoking.  Really thought provoking.

So let's talk about it.  And before we get there you can check out (timestamps in parenthesis):

  • Jeff Hates Trailers (1:05)
  • The Horror (and Superhero) Reporter (7:07)
  • - Shazam Digression (7:26-12:00)
  • Rundown of the Highest Grossing Horror Films of All Time (18:27)
  • Pull the Curtain: Gerald's Game (35:15)
  • October Horror Movie Scareathon (1:27:52)

We're excited to give you our thoughts on Gerald's Game and would love to hear your reaction!


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