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Mama [2013] (SSS 41)

Mama [2013] (SSS 41)

November 29, 2017

A day's delay brings us a post-Thanksgiving Triple S Podcast episode chock full of delicious content!

This week Derik and Jeff are reviewing Andy Muschietti's (or is that Guillermo Del Toro's?) 2013 feature film debut, Mama.   Here's how the episode breaks down:

I. Jeff Hates Trailers - 1:30

- Smallfoot

- Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

- A Wrinkle in Time

- Dark River

Excursus: Pizza

II. The Horror Reporter - 9:01 with news from:

- The New Halloween Movie

- Get Out's Awards Run Begins

- Villain News for Tom Hardy's Venom Film

- Forward Momentum for the Spawn Reboot

Excursus: The Ringer's Best Superhero Movies List Evaluated - 16:45

- Thoughts on Justice League - 26:17

III. Pull the Curtain: Mama - 32:21


Killer Christmas (SSS 40)

Killer Christmas (SSS 40)

November 21, 2017

Killer Christmas drops tomorrow on pretty much every major streaming service and guess what?  The guys from the Triple S pod got to take an early look.

So this week you'll get our regular dose of Jeff Hates Trailers (1:48) and hear some cool stuff in The Horror Reporter (7:53) but there's also a great bonus - an interview with Killer Christmas creators Peter Paul and Tony Shaker (18:45) !  After that Derik and Jeff will give you their spoiler-free (sorry Wahlberg 😢) review (53:17) of the film to help you get into that killer holiday mood.

You know what to do: hit that download button, press play, and join the guys from Saw Something Scary in Crazy Claus Land!  And while you are at it drop by the Killer Christmas Homepage, Instagram, or Facebook page for more goodies from this week's film.


Stranger Things Season 2 (SSS 39)

Stranger Things Season 2 (SSS 39)

November 14, 2017

This week the guys from the Triple S pod head back to Hawkins (and The Upside Down)!  And the trip couldn't have come sooner.

You'll also get the regular segment you've come to expect from Saw Something Scary:

Jeff Hates Trailers - 1:50

The Horror Reporter - 11:58

Pull the Curtain: Stranger Things 2 - 25:13

It's time: grab you flashlight (or flamethrower), hit that hair with four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray, and take the plunge into this week's episode.  You know the guys binged watched this season.  but did they see something scary?  Find out inside!


Creep 2 (SSS 38)

Creep 2 (SSS 38)

November 7, 2017

Josef - or Aaron now I guess - is back!  Derik and Jeff head back to his cabin in the woods to catch up on what the world's most neurotic serial killer has been up to.

(NB: if you haven't heard the Saw Something Scary review of Creep you can find that in our archives)

On the journey the stop in at all the familiar haunts:

Jeff Hates Trailers
- Polaroid
- Mayhem (Releasing November 10th)
- Excursus: Tyrese vs. The Rock

The Horror Reporter
- (Finally Discussing) Never Hike Alone
- Horror Making > than $1 Billion Dollars
- Flanagan Taking a Run at I Know What You Did Last Summer
- NBA Stars Showing Horror Movies Some Love
- Limetown Podcast Is Returning

We can guess that our hosts heard Aaron over-sharing in his latest project.  But did they see something scary?  Press play and find out!


I Know What You Did Last Summer… 20 Years Later (SSS 37)

I Know What You Did Last Summer… 20 Years Later (SSS 37)

November 1, 2017

It has been 20 years since we drove the curvy road to the beach outside Southport to celebrate Helen's Croaker Queen victory. 

Derik and Jeff couldn't let this momentous anniversary pass without a look back at what may prove to be the quintessential 90's slasher flick.  And word to the wise - watching this movie again is the closest thing to visiting the 90's you'll have until someone invents a flux capacitor.

You know what to do - hit download, press play, and join the guys from Saw Something Scary as they take a reckless drive down the winding memory lane of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Jeff Hates Trailers - 1:30
Horror Reporter - 6:22
Pull the Curtain: IKWYDLS - 12:25


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