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The Fly (1986) Review (SSS 114)

The Fly (1986) Review (SSS 114)

August 22, 2019

Cronenberg's big-box-office masterwork turns 33 this month and it is high time the film receive the Saw Something Scary treatment!

Here's what else is in this one:

I. Jeff Hates Trailers

- Antlers

- Underwater

II. The Horror Reporter

Sidebar: What are Sony and Disney thinking with this Spider-Man screw up?

- Stranger Things is coming to your PC / video gaming console

- Supercuts of Muschietti's It coming down the pike?

- An extended cut of Flanagan's Haunting of Hill House is available for pre-order

III. Pull the Curtain: The Fly (1986)


Blade (1998) 21st Anniversary Retrospective! (SSS 115)

Blade (1998) 21st Anniversary Retrospective! (SSS 115)

August 19, 2019

Blade turns 21 this year and your Saw Something Scary hosts head back to their childhood to take a fresh look at a surprisingly important vampire film.

Here's what you get on the way:

I. Jeff Hates Trailers - 02:18

- Girl on the 3rd Floor

II. The Horror Reporter - 12:40

- Hulu's "Into the Dark" series gets a renewal (?!?)

- A real-life serial killer cameo in The Exorcist?

- A slew of Friday the 13th fan films set to drop on September 13th

- Anthony Michael Hall cast in forthcoming Halloween (2018) sequel & what that means for the film

III. Pull the Curtain: - 27:18


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark & Other Good Stuff (SSS 113)

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark & Other Good Stuff (SSS 113)

August 14, 2019

Took a minute but the guys from Saw Something Scary made it to Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

But that's not all - this was a big week for horror fans and the guys from The Triple S Pod have you covered there too.

I. Jeff Hates Trailers

Jacob's Ladder (Remake)

Knives Out


II. The Horror Reporter

- News from Mike Flanagan's next project

- Bray Wyatt is The Fiend and man, was it ever perfect! (Time Stamps: 32:20 - 54:39)

- André Øvredal is already thinking thoughts about a Scary Stories sequel

III. Pull the Curtain: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


Crawl (SSS 112)

Crawl (SSS 112)

August 9, 2019

Just in the nick of time Saw Something Scary reviewed the 2019 animal-invader film Crawl!

On the way you get your regularly scheduled goodies:
I. Jeff Hates Trailers
- The Lighthouse
- Zombieland: Double Tap
- Haunt
Bonus: McKamey Mannor, Extreme Haunted House
II. The Horror Reporter
- Event Horizon comes to Amazon
- Late-arriving news from It: Chapter 2
- James Wan is making an original, practical-effects horror movie!
III. Pull the Curtain: Crawl
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