Saw Something Scary Podcast

Brightburn (and John Moxley) Use Their Powers to Destroy! (SSS 103)

June 1, 2019

Saw Something Scary is finally reviewing the Sociopath Superman Story known as Brightburn

This week's episode does not feature a Jeff Hates Trailers but is does contain a special guest appearance of The Mega Podders!

Here's where to find everything:

The Horror Reporter - ( 02:34 )

Netflix is making people vomit

Andre Overedal & Stephen King are Making all the Movies

Good new from Jordan Peele's Candyman film

- Breaking bad news, however, from the cinematic world of Batman

John Moxley set the pro-wrestling world - and more - on fire via podcast this week ( 16:50 )

Pull the Curtain: Brightburn ( 29:44 )


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