Saw Something Scary Podcast

Creep 2 (SSS 38)

November 7, 2017

Josef - or Aaron now I guess - is back!  Derik and Jeff head back to his cabin in the woods to catch up on what the world's most neurotic serial killer has been up to.

(NB: if you haven't heard the Saw Something Scary review of Creep you can find that in our archives)

On the journey the stop in at all the familiar haunts:

Jeff Hates Trailers
- Polaroid
- Mayhem (Releasing November 10th)
- Excursus: Tyrese vs. The Rock

The Horror Reporter
- (Finally Discussing) Never Hike Alone
- Horror Making > than $1 Billion Dollars
- Flanagan Taking a Run at I Know What You Did Last Summer
- NBA Stars Showing Horror Movies Some Love
- Limetown Podcast Is Returning

We can guess that our hosts heard Aaron over-sharing in his latest project.  But did they see something scary?  Press play and find out!


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