Saw Something Scary Podcast

Gerald’s Game (SSS 34)

October 3, 2017

You're probably aware Mike Flanagan released (via Netflix) his latest creation, a long-desired passion project adapting Stephen King's Gerald's Game, on Friday.

And the guys from the Triple S found it, well, thought provoking.  Really thought provoking.

So let's talk about it.  And before we get there you can check out (timestamps in parenthesis):

  • Jeff Hates Trailers (1:05)
  • The Horror (and Superhero) Reporter (7:07)
  • - Shazam Digression (7:26-12:00)
  • Rundown of the Highest Grossing Horror Films of All Time (18:27)
  • Pull the Curtain: Gerald's Game (35:15)
  • October Horror Movie Scareathon (1:27:52)

We're excited to give you our thoughts on Gerald's Game and would love to hear your reaction!