Saw Something Scary Podcast

Killer Christmas (SSS 40)

November 21, 2017

Killer Christmas drops tomorrow on pretty much every major streaming service and guess what?  The guys from the Triple S pod got to take an early look.

So this week you'll get our regular dose of Jeff Hates Trailers (1:48) and hear some cool stuff in The Horror Reporter (7:53) but there's also a great bonus - an interview with Killer Christmas creators Peter Paul and Tony Shaker (18:45) !  After that Derik and Jeff will give you their spoiler-free (sorry Wahlberg 😢) review (53:17) of the film to help you get into that killer holiday mood.

You know what to do: hit that download button, press play, and join the guys from Saw Something Scary in Crazy Claus Land!  And while you are at it drop by the Killer Christmas Homepage, Instagram, or Facebook page for more goodies from this week's film.


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