Saw Something Scary Podcast

Reviewing 2017 in Horror (SSS 46)

January 11, 2018

So here we are: a calendar year with Saw Something Scary has come and gone.  In this episode Derik and Jeff take a look back at a truly remarkable year in the horror genre.

The guys work from worst to first so in this episode you will hear:

How Did We Miss This?!? - The 2017 horror films we wanted to see but never got around to.

The Festivus Airing of Grievances: These movie aren't just bad.  They're an insult to movie watchers and the guys are going to give them a piece of their mind.

The Worst of 2017- Self-explanatory but also slightly better than the movies in the Airing of Grievances.

Special Category: Jeff's "I Don't Get It" - Someone please help Jeff figure out why the movie in this category is good.

The Best of 2017 - The Top 10 Horror Movies of 2017

Hit that download button, press play, and help the fellas from Saw Something Scary but a bow on 2017!


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