Saw Something Scary Podcast

SSS [In the Ring] #2 - WrestleMania 33 Follow Up

April 18, 2017

The guys take a look back at the good (AJ / Shane) and the... well... bad (sadly, Bray Wyatt / Orton) of Wrestlemania 33.  Of course they'll also talk about the Undertaker leaving it all in the ring as well as some, shall we say, frustrations about one particular WWE Superstar.

If you liked the last SSS [In the Ring] on Bray Wyatt or if you just took the guys' advice and signed up to watch Wyatt wrestle Orton then please give this one a listen.  If you didn't hear the last but have at least a passing interest in professional wrestling then we hope you'll find this episode interesting as well.
Wrestlemania 33 was the spectacle it was sold as.  Those who tuned in saw a show few can rival in terms of pure entertainment value.  But did they see something (anything?) scary?

Download and find out!