Saw Something Scary Podcast

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (SSS 14)

April 14, 2017

Is it illness or something... darker?  That's the question at the center of the story in 2005's The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

The guys from the Triple S pod dive in to find the answer, along the way checking out trailers for new films about Tupac Shakur, Heath Ledger, and a TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist.  There's also a pretty sharp parting of ways on the comparative merits of the Pirates of the Caribbean versus The Fast and The Furious franchises.

The journey passes through an isolated and desolate farm before landing in the halls of justice.  Look over there and you'll see a very young, very fresh, pre-Dexter Jennifer Carpenter.  Or look over there and you'll find a pre-Insidious, pre- Dr. Strange Scott Derrickson.

But be careful: you look too long and you might see something scary.  Want to know for sure?  Download and find out!