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The Shape of Water (Still Trying Out the New Format!) (SSS 51)

February 13, 2018

Either Get Out or The Shape of Water stands the best chance of landing the thriller horror genre a Best Picture Oscar win.

That means that even though the The Shape of Water isn't necessarily horrifying (stay tuned to find out!) it is Oscar bait.

So what we have in this film is a non-horrifying Horror movie working as Oscar bait that uses Sally Hawkins as fish bait.

Here's where you can find that killer content you've come to expect from Saw Something Scary:

Review - 1:40

Jeff Hates Trailers - 43:00

The Horror Reporter - 47:00

You know what to do - hit download, press play, and let's talk find out if those who watch The Shape of Water will say they Saw Something Scary!

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