Saw Something Scary Podcast

They Live (SSS 15)

April 21, 2017

So John Carpenter once made a campy little sci-fi with a professional wrestler as the lead and - what do you know - it became the most lastingly relevant film in the genre.  And that's only slightly hyperbolic.

Long before Morpheus handed Thomas Anderson a red pill John Nada beat his friend Frank down in a grimy alley so he'd see the world the way it really is.  And perhaps, through John, we do too.
So slap on your cheap sunglasses, grab some chewing gum, and buckle in for the Triple S review of 1988's They Live.  Watch along and you'll see a man walk away from a 30 foot fall through a plate glass window.  You'll see thinly veiled indictments of all things capitalist.  But will you see something scary?

Download and find out!