Saw Something Scary Podcast

WWE Plays the Jinder Card with Brian Campbell of CBS Sports (SSitR #7)

May 26, 2017

Oooooh Saw Something Scary in the Ring, don't you dare be sour - clap for the power of the new day dawning for this podcast.

CBS Combat Sports Insider Brian Campbell and host of In This Corner with Brian Campbell joins the guys to discuss the current affairs of the WWE universe following Jinder Mahal's title ascension and the lead up thus far to both Extreme Rules and Money in the Bank.

As you [hopefully already] know, they don't come any better than Brian Campbell so this is a must-listen episode.

And if that weren't special enough this episode also marks a momentous transition for the podcast - Saw Something Scary in the Ring is going out on its back and The Mega Podders is taking the rub into a bright future.

All is explained within this episode so download and listen away!


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